Mercury From Northern Hemisphere Pollutes Australia

Mercury pollutes both the northern and southern hemisphere. The Australian tropical zone is polluted. ◘1 northern up we mercury at am it aged mercury news mercury an northern ◘1
Australia is getting mercury pollution from the northern hemisphere. Most of the deadly metal stays in the air over the top half of the planet. However, in the south most of it settles over the Australian tropics.  ◙2 northern pollutes a mercury ok hemisphere to or northern australian ◙2
Mercury pollution
Damage to the environment from quicksilver began with large scale mining, particularly gold. Now levels in the ocean are six times higher than before industrialization. Stopping all emissions of the substance today would cut the present level by half: then it would stay there. ⦿3 hemisphere up to pollutes hemisphere ⦿3

Contaminated Fish consumed by people is poisonous and damages the body.  The peripheral and nervous systems are mainly affected. Though, contamination can occur by breathing it in. Then is can destroy digestive and immune functions.  ⧗ pollutes sex australia or ⧗ 

Children suffer greatly with exposure to only small amounts of the metal. Toxicity occurs in babies while in the womb. It diminishes cognitive sensitivity causing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  The malady affects 10 percent of US children.
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