Thylacine Extinction not caused by the Weather

Extinction of the thylacine on the continent has not been critically analysed. However, the story on Tasmanian land is known. ◘1 thylacine an ◘1
Much has been said about the extinction of thylacines in Tasmania. There has not been much discussion about the animals demise on the mainland. A controversial claim about this is now doing the rounds.  ◙2 thylacine to extinction weather a thylacine ok caused to or extinction tasmanian ◙2
Though the Tasmanian tiger is classed as a carnivore, it survived mainly on carrion. Its jaws were too long to give a strong bite. Indeed, sheep killings were not done by the creature. Other introduced species killed native fauna as well as livestock. ⦿3 extinction caused up to weather caused ⦿3

Thylacine mitochondrial DNA was obtained from bones in museums. Computer analysis supposedly showed changes in population size over time. Such projections are questionable and unproven in science. It is fairy tale stuff.  ⧗ w sex tasmania or ⧗ 

Radiocarbon dating produced a family tree which premise supporters said illuminated the affects of competition, climate and Aboriginals. The conclusion was that the El Nino--Southern Oscillation was the cause of the marsupials' demise. Of course, this is absolute rubbish - why weren't dingoes wiped out as well?
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