Ancient Frilled Shark Caught on Video

Ancient shark called frilled is caught in camera for the first time. video * ancient b frilled b in b shark b caught b video b ancient.*
The world is a wonderful place. Just when you thought you knew everything, something crops up. An ancient shark believed to be extinct has been seen alive and well swimming around Portuguese waters. ⎳ ancient a frilled a in a are a shark a caught a video ⎳
Frilled shark
Tests were being done to reduce unwanted commercial fish catches. They were videoing the ocean when the most primitive of creatures appeared. It hasn't changed since the creak-up of Pangea and lives at very deep depths.  ⦿3 up u video caught ⦿3
The shark named "frilled" has gills with fluffy edges. Don't be fooled though: inside its short snout it has 25 rows of needle-sharp teeth, 300 in total. A vicious hunter, it preys on other sharks, fish, squid and octopus.  ⧗ on caught ⧗

The sighting near Portugal was unexpected. Terrified 19th century sailors put its locale in the western Pacific. Horror tales abounded at that timer about sea monsters. They definitely saw this dinosaur of the deep ocean.

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