Bunnings Policy is to Trick Customers

Bunnings does not do well by its customers. Policy of Bunnings - trick the public. ◘1 Bunnings or Policy a is i to in Trick is Customers ◘1
Bunnings lies to you and gets away with it. "If you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%." That is the promise. Ever wondered why you can never get the 10 percent. White labelling is the answer. ◙2 Bunnings up Policy u is k to l Trickm Customers ◙2
This deception is getting the producer of a product to change it slightly. Or a good can be package in a unique size or weight. Of course people do get the calculator out and compare the real value, then buy elsewhere. ⦿3 ⦿3

Clearly, many consumers have learned their lesson and do not trust the superstore. It is poor customer relations. The problem really is that the government has allowed the chain to buy up all competitors. Some towns that once had three or more hardware stores now must purchase at the one giant that is there. ⧗ e sex or trick ⧗ 

The store says we "err in favour of the customer when it comes to matching similar..." However, It is two-faced to attempt to compensate but still carry on defrauding buyers. Oh, and in the fine print there is, "The price match guarantee excluded trade quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities".
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