Chinese Students in Host Countries are Dangerous

Chinese from the Peoples Republic studying overseas are a problematic.
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Chinese college students getting their education abroad will always be a danger to those societies. Let's face it, all Chinese from the PRC are brainwashed from birth. Though practicing capitalism in business, the political view remains with the ruling Communist Party. ⎳ Chinese a Students a in a Host a a are a b g host f dangerous ⎳
Chinese students
Colleges and universities in Western countries now face hostility when teaching that the PRC is breaking international law by imposing its rule in the China Sea. Students can protest in countries that host then while they cannot in their home nation.  ⦿3 up u dangerous ⦿3

It has been found that Chinese student support organizations funded by the mainland are supporting the protests. Students blindly follow the national line. If students say that China's hegemony of the disputes waters is right then they will fail their course. It is as simple as that.  ⧗ on Countries ⧗

The truth is, Chinese tertiary students live in a cocooned shadow society in third countries. They never mix with locals and always speak in Chinese to each other. On public transport they travel in Sino groups.
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