Native Species in Australia are Being Saved

Creatures of the antipodes are in danger of dying out. Australian native made up of varied being, native saved, species, * native b species b in b native b being b saved b native*
Because Australia's native species are declining there is less genetic diversity in their makeup. This country has more animals threatened with extinction than anywhere else. Invasive pests, global warming and deforestation are taking their toll. ⎳ native a species a in a are a native a being a saved ⎳
Mountain Pygmy Possum
Mountain Pygmy Possum require protection from non-natives and selective breeding to vary genes.  Such a program has improved the situation with the population increasing, though there is a long way to go before its future is assured.  ⦿3 species up u saved being australia ⦿3

Similar plans have been carried out for the Tasmanian Devil and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, but until genetic variation is established and occurs naturally without intervention they must be closely monitored.  ⧗ blog on being species australia ⧗

The Federal government must spend money on eradication of feral cats and foxes. These have impacted most on this continent's fauna. Europeans seriously damaged Australasia by trying to make it like Europe.
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