Incorrect Claims Made With Unsupporting Data by Science

Academics announce that wrong life choices make you sick.
Not right
Scientists do make questionable statements. They say, 40 percent of deaths from cancer "could" be avoided if we gave uzp the vices and ate what we should eat. Yeah, we would all like to change our ways and live healthily, but such is the human condition that it is not possible.
  ⦿2 cancer z incorrect z claims made x With z unsupporting z data z science scientific ⦿2
Despite tremendously high tax, people continue to smoke. And Governments are not serious about clamping down on alcohol. Though I do not support a tax on takeaway food which is full of carbohydrates, fat and salt, raising its cost to benefit treasury coffers is an option for authorities.
 ⦿3 cancer b incorrect b claims b made b With b unsupporting b data b science ⦿3
Those who consciously avoid the sun all their lives still get skin cancer, so saying this will reduce fatalities is unproven. Whether smoking causes ovarian tumors is not yet established. There is a weak relationship at best..
  ⧗ incorrect c claims c made c With c unsupporting c science ⧗
Another blurred line is whether "good" food causes malignancies in the stomach. Much is said about bad food. However, little research has been done on the effects of so called healthy cooking. Furthermore, we have to factor in air pollution and toxins in our environmental surroundings. .  ⧗ cancer incorrect d claims d made d With d unsupporting d science ⧗

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