NAPLAN is Biased Against Rural Students

Nothing is being done to make national standardized examinations fair.

To say an IQ test measures intelligence is a misnomer. A high score indicates that a person has mastered cultural values. The questions are based on what city people should know. Those in rural areas learn different norms of behavior. ⎳ naplan a biased a against a With a rural a students a test australian metropolitan ⎳
Teaching for NAPLAN
School exams have the same bias. Standardization has gone against country students. A problem is obvious because outback children are a year behind the lucky ones living in metropolitan regions.  No wonder, travel to school takes much longer.  ⦿3 naplan b biased b against b With b rural b students b test ⦿3

Such questions as "Describe a day at the beach" are meaningless to students on a farm. Other irrelevancies are - "Write what you know about a train timetable". Young Aboriginals were far better in memorizing articles removed from a table than white Aussies. This shows how spacial reasoning differs.  ⧗ naplan c biased c against c With c rural c test ⧗

Even if some do well in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), they can be a thousand miles from a university. Furthermore, that college may not offer what is required for a chosen career path.
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