Artificial Intelligence Algorithms are Biased in Decision Making

Algorithms make determinations based on concepts favored by programmers. They are not aware that they are doing it. This intelligence is truly artificial. k intelligence l artificial
Algorithms may seem to be good because they are the basis for AI. Anything that helps us must alright. This is a big mistake. Making choices is their main function and biases are set by their human creators. Decisions can benefit some while hurting others. 
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Mistakes by algorithms

Something that makes a critical choice must by definition be biased. Coders have to define the factors leading to a decision. Bias is clearly defined in mathematics as errors. Over or under representing populations in a sample is faulty. 
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Allocative harm involves discarding relevant resources in the evaluation process. Giving advice to a specialized target can end up with the subject being told to do something rationally wrong. Denying recommendations to others creates a distortion of reality.
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Representative harm occurs when some groups are incorrectly labelled. Humans follow mistaken stereotypes which they pass on to AI software. Black people are not primitive humans. They are the major gene pool from which all the "races" on Earth developed. Google Photos identified them as gorillas.
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