Attacks on Integrity of Men to Raise Stature of Women?

Humans are animals. They have evolved into two streams. One of these brings up children the other hunts for meat. attacks integrity stature attacks articles true

Men and women are different. New regulations and forced norms of behavior will not change this. Males and females in the same Olympic event - ridiculous. The wave of shaming bullying males will eventually end. 
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Equality of women

It is correct that "manly", labor-intensive jobs are being reduced by mechanization, but ladies will always be the fairer, less muscular sex. The problematic area is management. Women are more suited to this occupation because they use language more efficiently. 
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You hear of the strong, silent man. However, this is countered by the nagging woman: it is true that she needs to use more words in a day to be happy. There is also the native nurturing disposition versus the hunting drive.
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Stop the attempts to push the gentlepersons into unnatural dominant positions in society. Many are happy not being at the top. Surely, the natural order of things must predominate in the long term. There are two sexes who are definitely not the same.
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