Men Deserve a Better Deal in Divorce Settlements

MEN pay - The law is looking back to the past. Decisions made in courts are clearly biased and based on outdated norms of behavior. men pay

Societies must make things fairer. The rights of men are being trampled on. Sure, females should have equal pay and promotion. But why should males keep their spouse after a divorce? They should get jobs and keep themselves.
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Women are more equal

It is really 18th century stuff treating the husband as breadwinner. Laws should be modernized. When there are youngsters involved in a separation nine times out of ten the mother is given custodianship. It is well known that husbands are just as capable of looking after their offspring full- time. Furthermore, a man in a good job can pay for a carer if he is not totally stripped of assets by a magistrate. 
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Another important thing is the family residence. Why should a mom who keeps the children get the whole house?. Surely, it is more correct to sell this and award the money, split evenly, to both parties. Whoever gets custody should receive ongoing alimony from the other partner to bring up the sons and daughters, not for the ex however! If the male is the custodian the ex-wife should pay.
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Judges wrongly allow visiting access to mothers when they give absolutely nothing to look after the young. This is rationally and morally wrong. Women want full equality. Let them have it in all ways. Men should not carry the financial and social costs of mores of a bygone age.
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