Research has not Progressed Since HIV Patient was Cured

A cure for Aids became possible for a patient, but Medicine has not progressed from that time. research progressed research
It's a miracle: a man is cured of HIV, the only man in the world ever to be cured as a matter of fact. This has not been replicated since. The patient was an American who was treated in Germany in 2007 for leukemia. 
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HIV patient is cured

The treatment involved a stem cell transplant. A rare genetic mutation called CCR5-delta 32 was in the DNA of the donor. It was this that cured the disease. You would think a quest would have begun for other carriers of the useful molecular sport. Sadly, it was not done. The search continues for a cure by traditional chemical methods. Money drives research. 
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Some brave people are still quietly trying to understand why Timothy Ray Brown's life was changed for the better. They are testing parallel ways of gene manipulation. CDA molecules are used to bind with HIV cells and kill them. Stems cells with this CAR-T attribute were transplanted via bone marrow into test primates with HIV.
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CAR-T immunotherapy fights the ailment but does not completely eradicate the ongoing invasion of the body. It has to be used with antiretroviral therapy. Another system called CRISPR has completely stopped AIDS in mice. Whether it will work in humans is not yet known.
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