DNA of Australian Wild Rice Put Into Commercial Varieties

Northern Australia has rice of the wild kind which could improve food security for the world. Its genetic tree has been mapped out. The strain a very hardy type, disease and pest resistant as well as surviving drought. It was the forerunner of Asian rice. ⎳ varieties dna x australian to wild x rice x put x into x an x commercial x varieties | | ⎳

Australian wild rice

Hopefully, the grain can be incorporated into existing commercial rice. Varieties of the valuable resource grow profusely up north. Till now, they have been totally ignored. The NT, Queensland and WA could be become a vast future food bowl.
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Bacterial leaf spot, rice blast and brown spot do serious damage to established farmed crops. DNA modification is an easy way to cut production costs because these diseases have to be chemically treated.
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It is possible that australian varieties could be grown for market in their own right. They are different and have their own taste. It is the softest of all Oryza when cooked and the amylase starch content is higher. This makes it ideal for diabetics as it is low GI.

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