Walk in the Woods and Feel Invigorated - Great Pastime

Getting out and about at the shops may seem to be a good thing: getting all that exercise from walking. However, shopping centers are not our natural environment. Man evolved in woodland and on the plains.
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Walk in the woods

There is something about the natural environment that act as a tonic to the body and improves general wellbeing. It is not known how, but just being there lowers blood sugar level. The need to connect with nature is called biophilia.
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The Japanese have rigorously adopted this recreation - experiencing forest bathing where one wanders through woodland scooping up soil in the hands, breathing in the sweet fresh air and touching trees.  You have come home.
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It is obvious that it puts the body in a healthy state. Adrenaline and cortisol levels fall. We have only evolved to be stressed when we are under attack. Modern life generates a virtual permanent state of stress. This increases inflammation which damages the immune system.
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