Way of Life Severely Affected by Climate Change

Our grandchildren will not enjoy the natural environment as we do. Yes, visits are organized for sightseers, but at least we have something to look at. We ignore the damage we do at our peril. This couldn't care less attitude has to change.

Climate change in Australia

Water shortages will become normal in urban areas and country regions. Ironically, Australiasia is experiencing a lot of rain at the moment. Will this continue? Perhaps the nation is becoming more tropical. However, El NiƱo will return eventually.

When the weather is hot, plants and people do not do so well. There is plenty of food available in Western countries now. This could change with a persistent drying climate. The West does not seem to care about those suffering famine in Africa. Starvation and malnutrition could happen at home.

Animal and plant biodiversity also suffers from severe change. In the last decade 50 percent of native animal species have died out in Australia. When an organism meets its demise the whole ecosystem falls apart.

Human food production creates toxic run-off into the sea which has led to a diminution in the number of male turtles. Consequently, they produce fewer young. Habitat loss has resulted in fewer rock wallabies. Trees are dying. Poor quality eucalyptus means koalas cannot survive. Breeding patterns are changing wiping out insects and birds.

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