Australian Government Fails To Introduce an Obesity Program

Australia is one of the fattest countries on the planet. Now, 60 percent of people are overweight. By 2025 it will increase to four out of five Aussies. The government does not care. There is no federally funded organized program to combat this.

Fat Australians
The closest the government has come is the Health Star rating system on product labeling and the Food Partnership to inform about healthy eating. There are problem with these strategies: Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Kelloggs and Nestle helped set the policies.

Groups pushing for action said that the food industry should not be on the committee: consumption goods producers should be directed to change according to rational directives. Health Star is not mandatory: this was decided by big company muscle.

What many want is a sugar tax. Obviously, sugary product manufacturers do not want this. They already donate millions to lobby their case with political parties. The Beverage Council is the major lobbyist against a tax on sugar.

While parties are happy not to instigate a sugar tax, most Australians support a charge on sugar-sweetened drinks. There is an issue on how far the burden will be spread when it is ultimately introduced. Will it extend to bread which is a fattening carbohydrate?

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