Homelessness is the Future for Newstart Welfare Recipients - Society

Australians on welfare cannot afford to pay rent even with the $67 weekly subsidy. They get a job which is usually part-time, but they find that they are no better off. Fuel for their car, if they have one, or transport costs are at least $100 a week.

Homeless family

With Centrelink now docking payments when recipients do the slightest thing wrong in their job applications, they are being pushed onto the streets. The number of homeless is going through the roof. It is rising at an alarming rate.

Not only single people are affected. Parents with large families are in hardship as well. Of more than 65,000 houses surveyed just 10 could be secured by those on Newstart. Homes are available; though they can be taken only by renters on a good income.

Buying a place to live will never be possible for low-income citizens. It is out of the question for all of them. Indeed, many families who successfully rent are having to make do with one and two bedroom residences. They need help now.

Rents have been increasing faster than the rise in property prices over the last 10 years. Furthermore, if the minimum wage had kept pace with this, wage earners would be getting $80 a week more now. Newstart has only risen 31 percent over the last decade as the CPI is falling behind real inflation. Since 2014 affordable housing for single people on Newstart has decreased by 50 percent.

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