The Buzz is that an Alien UFO Accompanied the Moon Landing

They are out there! Well they could be according to an astronaut. In 1969 Buzz Aldrin claimed he saw a UFO on his journey to the moon. He was adamant and passed a lie-detector test. Furthermore, three of his companions on the trip who made the same claim also passed close scrutiny.

Buzz Aldrin

Cross examinations on the sightings of the L-shaped craft were done by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology. There were differences in what was actually seen. Gordon Cooper said he saw a cluster of objects, while the others only observed one. Voice pattern tests showed all were telling the truth about what they saw.

Buzz Aldrin believes that there is life on some planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Whether there are alien civilizations close to us is another question. The astronaut is not bothered by the "vehicle" that followed his moon-landing craft. He has his beliefs and that is that.

The famous astronaut is pushing hard for his exploration plans to be adopted by NASA. He is working with the Florida Institute of Technology in this pursuit. A colony on Mars within 25 years is a tall order. It will be expensive.

His research on a manned human Mars landing began in 1985 with the Mars cycler where a spacecraft was planned to orbit in cycles where it encounters the same bodies on each orbit. He has not been in retired mode since his early space adventures. He has worked constantly on his dream of establishing a small community on mars.

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