Cancer Risk Increases With Height

Being tall has its benefits. Seeing over the top of a crowd is one. Reaching the top shelf is another. However, there are problems such as a higher propensity to get cancer. A taller body has more cells. This increases the risk of cancer.

tall versus short

Research using existing databases proved this to be true. A seven foot tall basketball player is twice as likely to get cancer as a person five foot tall. Moreover, melanoma risk increases with height. Tall people should get their health checked more frequently.

Being tall is determined by genetics, by your mother's diet when carrying you and by intake of good nutrition when growing up. It should be noted that obese people have more cells. The study used height as a proxy for the research.

Some illness such as mouth, stomach and cervical cancer are not affected by height. Mainly because they are caused by particular viruses. Higher rates of thyroid cancer and melanoma are a real issue for tall people.

It seems that the growth hormone mainly responsible for becoming tall is a factor. Taller people have higher levels of IGF-1. This makes a person grow in puberty. It also impacts on the skin and organs. Those of above average height have a faster rate of cell division.

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