Australian My Health Record Will be a Failure

The Australian government is in trouble over its planned introduction of My Health Record, a centralized storage of personal medical history. Closure of the opt-out date has been pushed forward several times.

My Health Record

There is no way the government can continue to claim that the system will be secure. This is impossible. The weak link in the chain is human. Doctors, nurses and general hospital staff will have access. They will be able to print out any one's record and take a copy home.

International criticism revolves around the outdated methods to be used. The main storage medium will be PDF. Searching these for significant insights into a patient's history will be problematic. Ease of searching is paramount.

Systems to be adopted in the US and China have separate computer codes for different medication, test results and diseases. This improves searching by clinicians. The FHIR system was developed in Australia but it is the only country not adopting it.

As always, Australian Government ineptitude is wasting taxpayers money. Way down the the track the new system will prove to be the wrong choice and millions of dollars will be have to be spent on modifying it to the original FHIR system.
Australia's my health record is ignoring what happened in the uk when the new record system was introduced in that country. failed system critics say skip main content site navigation site footer site map log account sign log out — australia’s news site national world lifestyle travel entertainment technology finance sport search online security australian government’s controversial health record system slammed failure critics have warned government’s new health database have chilling effect ignored warning signs from uk’s failed rollout stephanie bedo nick whigham july 18 2018 59pm video image digital rights watch flags privacy concerns government health system video player loading play video play mute 0 00 07 loaded 0 progress 0 stream type live -1 07 playback rate 1x chapters chapters descriptions descriptions off selected captions captions settings opens captions settings.

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web newsnetwork network news national medical professionals access records digital form new system picture istock source istock experts brutally slamming australian government’s new health record system they say has been oversold insecure risk using greatly outweighs benefits australians were invited choose whether have their health medical records added new health record monday have three months make their decision records automatically added database rush opt out controversial new system follows privacy concerns over scheme allow medical records stored password-protected database viewed patients doctors medical staff time several experts — from former government staffers people worked controversial uk system australia’s based — warn we now have major honey pot health data waiting hacked made available dangerous dark web they say type confidential information stored record unlike merely having identity credentials stolen like having le personhood exposed terms condition medication past acts.

more others fear cause chilling effect over disclosure illnesses meaning people need care disadvantaged from outset former head turnbull government’s digital transformation office paul shetler said system flawed there had not been lot confidence government given past data breaches more ‘i want out’ aussies rush opt out nhs uk scrapped its controversial data system review raised serious concerns program 2016 introduced introduced opt out system people didn’t like mr shelter told abc they had concerns their data ultimately had stopped australian rollout has been significantly flawed it’s got lot similarities happened uk he said blame must put digital health agency responsible scheme they clearly have seen has worked hasn’t worked countries they didn’t learn from history he said issues you have right now you’ve spent billion nearly decade developing piece software without clearly defined set needs meets either practitioner patient result you’ve got now make mandatory actually something met people’s needs then they would more willing sign pressuring their practitioners — that’s not we’re seeing theory really good idea.

but light le series tech wrecks australian government doesn’t inspire le lot confidence fact privacy protection settings not default but require patients proactively set their privacy settings problematic he said becomes opt out system you find out data there oh way you find out it’s being shared — think that’s flaws rollout has been significantly flawed australian probably wouldn’t sign screen grabs from health record government website picture supplied source supplied university western australia director centre software practice dr david glance echoed concerns said not nor would ever viable system move opt out addition being major privacy risk public ignores persistent significant issues implantation health record dr glance said time billions dollars investment majority records largely empty majority health professionals australia continue refuse support system university canberra assistant law professor bruce arnold drew comparisons uk saying government had learnt nothing from uk trainwreck uk patients health practitioners specialists privacy lawyers alike condemned inadequate governance misunderstanding risk disregard patient autonomy prof arnold said he said uk had belatedly heeded criticisms but australia had not risks insecure system conscripts patients.

assumes de-identification enable problem-free sale bulk health data — greatly outweigh benefits he said prof arnold said legal protection patient privacy framework inadequate official expectations many patients understand security settings naive he said myhr has been sadly oversold there’s been little effort provide patients basis meaningfully informed consent threatens fundamental aspect public health trust australians rushed opt out week caused system have connection issues many struggling complete process prime minister malcolm turnbull confirmed 20 000 people opted-out electronic medical record system first day three-month opt-out period around six million people voluntarily registered national database since its launch 2012 week health minister greg hunt defended system saying had military-grade security people should stick opt-out period begins today ends october 15 picture supplied source supplied trending technology 26 iphones laptops cameras christmas tech gift guide 2018 33 tesla cars have cool new tricks climate change student protest survey shows australians sup 21 first sounds heard from red planet.

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