The Wealthy Won't Pay

Some people are extremely arrogant. In the present economic downturn it is not the poor who believe that the world owes them a living. Like many banks who continue to pay their executives high salaries despite accepting money from government, some wealthy people expect to live the high life at someone else's expense.

Karin Upton Baker (her double barrelled name should give her away for a start) expects companies she has borrowed money from to leave her alone and let her live well despite owing them $18 million. In court she is saying that the claim against her is "unjust". She says that she did not read the contracts. Furthermore, she lied to financiers telling them that she had taken legal advice before signing the documents.

Assuming that companies will leave her with the five apartments, living in them and collecting rent, is a bit much when you consider she hasn't paid any moneys back since July last year. Despite earning $7,000 a week she claims she cannot to afford to pay anything and should be left alone. She wants the apartments to be signed over to her for free.

Blaming her husband for making her take out the loans is no defence. Apparently, she gave the money to her husband to help him get out of problems with his property developments. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could get money to bail out our spouses in economic crisis? She must believe she is in wonderland and goes by the name of Alice.
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