There Is an Answer to the Boat People Refugee Problem

There is an answer to the refugee problem. A the moment the Australian Federal Government is in talks with the Sri Lankan Government. Hopefully, some bright spark will have the courage to stand up and say it: Australian ships should take them back home and let them apply for refugee status through the usual means, if the country of origin agrees. And indeed there should be pressure to make them agree.

There is a long queue to attain citizenship status. Boat people should be patient. In countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, perhaps people fear going home, but these countries should take them back and give them protection. This may be simplistic. Nonetheless, it is the only answer when people are leaving to gain a better life and not running from oppression. The Tamils are clearly not running from oppression. The war is over. They should not be allowed to demand Australian citizenship and win. If they do win, we can expect all boat people from now on to refuse to get off ships taken to Indonesia.

All countries in Southeast Asia are looking for just one country to become the dumping ground for a world problem. Not only will they come from Asia and the Middle East, they will come from Africa because it is becoming more difficult to get into the UK. I am imploring Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Leader of the Opposition Malcolm Turnbull to consider this option.
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